Out of Context is a collaborative sketchbook by S.A.McGowan and H.S.Bonyun of some of our favorite original sketches done over the past few years from full page spreads to character design and exploration.

About The Book:

This book is 60 full pages and packed with over 100 sketches both black and white and colour. 17 x 26 cm (6.7 x 10.2") The interior pages are printed on 32 lb (for reference, standard printer paper is generally 24 lb to help measure how thick the pages are) Mohawk colour copy paper (has an identical feel and look as silk print paper). The cover is done in 110 lb Elite Silk Cover Stock. The book is coil bound nicely in a classy, fitted black coil.

Needless to say I really like touching the paper in this book

Sneak Peak:



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